IPL Photofacial Treatment: No-Hassle Skin Rejuvenation

The skin is subjected to all kinds of harshness on a daily basis. Aside from emotional stress and natural aging, your skin is also exposed to sunlight, the wind, gravity, dust, and many others to mention. Before long, you get to accumulate various forms of skin issues from acne to sun damage. If not treated properly, these issues will leave obvious marks that are going to affect your self-esteem and social life.

Do not punish yourself for such skin misfortunes. But do not let them go untreated, either. Sometimes prolonging skin blemishes may only lead to permanent damage: it is more awful that way.

Facial skin rejuvenation is normally undertaken via a surgical procedure. But most surgeries require a considerable level of skin invasion, risk, and recovery time. Some people do not have such courage and time to spare, especially if they have a daily job and career.

Top Minneapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Vogt offers skin rejuvenating treatment that requires no downtime, very minimal invasion, and almost no pain and discomfort. Using a series of gentle light pulses to greatly improve sun-damaged or acne-scarred skin, the name of the technology system is IPL Photofacial Treatment.

Aside from pimple scars and solar damage, it can also treat facial and neck redness, flushing, and rosacea. Moreover, the photofacial treatment targets body areas (aside from the face) such as neck, back of hands, shoulders, and chest. This is definitely the treatment for youthful looking skin via safer, gentler, and subtler approach.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Vogt recommends a series of at least four photofacial treatments for a more comprehensive outcome. Done in a matter of few minutes and can be undertaken during lunch break, you can expect great improvements in each treatment session. What’s even better, aside from mild redness which can easily be concealed with makeup, you can go back to work after treatment as if nothing happened.

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5 Practical Skincare Tips and Juvederm Dermal Fillers

Due to exposure to various stresses and elements, there is no eternal assurance to a beautiful facial skin. But always, there are some things you can do to achieve smoothness and refreshed look from your face. You always have that power. And like most useful things in life, they are quite logical and simple to follow.

Here are five practical skincare tips:

1. Stress Management. If it’s still news to you: stress is bad for you in many ways, including on your skin. Constant influx of anxiety and stress hormones may trigger a chain of responses such as acne flare-ups and facial redness. Quick combats against stress: antioxidant-rich foods (like berries and asparagus) and a few minutes of deep breathing.

2. Wear Sunscreen. The Baz Luhrmann song couldn’t be more true: sunscreen is good for you, solar radiation is menace to your skin. For younger-looking skin and less wrinkles and sunspots, SPF 30 sunscreen is the ideal kind.

3. Wash Your Face at Night. Before hopping into bed at night is the best time to apply a gentle face wash to remove the daylong dirt, bacteria and makeup. For morning skin refreshing, do with lukewarm water.

4. Omega-3 is Skin Amazing. Yes, foods filled with omega-3 are not only good for your brain and heart – they’re beneficial to a beautiful skin you as well. Saturated fat in meat and dairy products will likely make your skin susceptible to aging.

5. A Natural Looking Result is Best. At some point in adult life, you may already need a cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery intervention to rejuvenate your less appealing skin. More often than not, a minimally invasive treatment offering natural-looking result is an ideal choice. Such treatment has much lesser risk, minimal downtime, and doesn’t make you look being “operated on”. But be sure to have it undertaken by a bona fide plastic and experienced surgeon.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter Vogt offers Juvedérm dermal fillers that can gradually eradicate wrinkles, restores facial volume, and reverse several signs of aging. Juvedérm is actually an easy and instant injectable enhancement against various forms of skin blemishes and cosmetic issues.

The best part is: the injectable filler is a minimally invasive treatment aiming for a natural appearing outcome. The Minneapolis Surgeon, however, will have to carefully evaluate you first before recommending Juvedérm as most suitable for you. You cannot have this treatment if you have severe skin allergies.

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Eyelid Surgery Minneapolis: No Crying Over Droopy Lids

The eyes are not just window to the soul, but are also window to your whole face. If your eyes look haggard, you are likely to appear tired and older as well. If your eyes appear refreshing, you will have a rejuvenating aura. They tell good story of you, they tell bad about you, depending on how your eyes complement the rest of your facial features. And the buck doesn’t stop with your eyes – but instead, include the surrounding eyelid areas.

Know Your Eye Doctors

An ophthalmologist is way different from a doctor who treats eye wrinkles. If the problem involves your vision or medical issues concerning the eyes, you need to see ophthalmologist or optometrist. However, if your predicament is about aesthetic corrections of excess fat deposits and sagging skin in your eyelids, you need to consult a plastic surgeon.

Here’s the Rub

Once you feel and decide that you need eyelid rejuvenation, you have to choose a surgeon who knows what he is doing with substantial track record to back his skills. An ideal surgeon for eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) must have a keen sense of eliminating eyelid skin issues by significantly minimizing risks and surgical trace. Moreover, it is a huge plus if the chosen surgeon is board-certified by the prestigious group: American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Vogt, Eyelid Surgeon

With decades of dedication and constant zeal to improve at his chosen craft, Dr. Peter Vogt is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in Minneapolis and even around the globe. He has particularly excelled in cosmetic procedures that involve minimal to zero incisions and faster post-op recovery, such as eyelid surgery Minneapolis. With the level of skill and talent he has, you are assured that there’s no need to cry over your droopy eyelids.

Another commendable feature of his practice is that Dr. Vogt gives the options clearly to his patients, and discusses intently in a friendly yet professional way the pros and cons of every aspect of blepharoplasty procedure. His is really a signature of excellence, safety, and convenience in every surgical procedure. In 1974, Dr. Vogt was certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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What Makes for a Good Facelift Surgery Minneapolis

Rhytidectomy or Facelift Surgery is a very common procedure nowadays that it seems to have become a byword for all forms of facial procedures – including non-rhytidectomy and minimally invasive procedures. Some people, for instance, would utter that they want to have “a lift” even if they actually mean skin resurfacing or microdermabrasion. Officially and by itself, facelift procedure accounts for a total of 126,000 operations in 2012 alone.

If you are mulling over the idea of undergoing a facelift but still not too sure, the primary consideration is whether you have a need for it. The procedure basically aims to reverse unwanted effects of ageing, gravity, and solar damage to your face.

Specifically, it hopes to enhance vitality and youthfulness of your appearance by enhancing loose facial skin, removing excess fat, and tightening and re-draping of the skin on your face and surrounding neck and chin areas.

At the Wayzata Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Peter Vogt ensures that you are resolved yourself to needing the aid of facelift to improve your facial contour. He will see to it that your personal cosmetic desire and health condition warrant the said procedure.

Moreover, the Minneapolis Surgeon will remind you to choose having facelift for yourself and own satisfaction, not doing it for anybody else’s.

Board-Certified Dr. Vogt’s facelift surgery Minneapolis is known to enhance your facial aesthetics without making you look “operated on”.

A well-executed facelift procedure can make you appear younger by about 6 to 8 years than your current look. Aside from proven surgical talent and experience, the key to Dr. Vogt’s rhytidectomy prowess is his straightforward and thorough engagement with each patient. He makes sure that each patient understands the pros and cons of the procedure before recommending any facelift operation.

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Why Go Through Breast Reduction Surgery in Wayzata

While the dominant desire is to increase breast size, there is no way that desiring for breast reduction is an abnormality. Reduction mammaplasty or breast reduction is a popular surgical procedure in both men and women who feel that their breasts are overly large for their body frame. For women, having excessively large breasts is likely to cause discomfort, difficulty in fitting clothes, and low confidence at one’s body contour. Among men, it is largely about the embarrassment of having extra sized breasts (men, of course, are not supposed to have big breasts as a norm).

Whatever the underlying reason for a breast reduction surgery, Wayzata Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter Vogt will help you in finding out if it is an appropriate procedure for your need and cosmetic desire. He will evaluate your family and medical history, especially relating to breast issues. Having performed more than a thousand breast reduction surgeries, Dr. Vogt is the ideal surgeon to perform reduction mammaplasty operations for both male and female patients.

But before any procedure is undertaken, the Board-Certified Surgeon will engage you in a keen discussion regarding the intended benefits and potential complications, as well as the recovery steps necessary after the surgery. After such discussion with Dr. Vogt, you will surely have a clearer response when asked if the procedure is really important for you.

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Cheek Implants Minneapolis: Where Proper Evaluation is Undertaken

The face is not exempt from the effects of natural process of ageing. In fact among women, often than not, the face is one of the body parts where manifestation of ageing can first be seen. Indeed, such manifestations come in many different forms: sagging facial skin, wrinkles, droopy eyelids, sagging brows, sunken cheeks, etc. These aesthetic issues can make you appear unpleasant and older than your actual age. But you don’t have to feel so sad about it – or you may unwittingly add some more ageing manifestations to your face – because there is a corresponding cosmetic procedure for each specific facial skin issue. One of these is the so-called cheek implant.

Cheek Implant Procedure involves the use of normally solid silicone implants to enhance the facial features, particularly over the apex of the cheek bone or the chin. Wayzata Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter Vogt will see to it that the implants are properly placed behind the lining of the bone so that they will be held in a stable position. But before any procedure is undertaken, Dr. Vogt will discuss with you if Cheek Implants Minneapolis  is the most suitable facial procedure needed. Among other things, the Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon will utilize computer imaging to identify the specific face regions that need to be enhanced. Sometimes, the pre-op evaluation will prove that no cosmetic enhancement is necessary at all – or another type of procedure like mini facelift.

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What Happens During A Breastlift Surgery Day

There seems to be no recent indication in the halting of the popularity of breast surgery procedures. This is what can be gleaned from the 2012 economic data, wherein plastic surgery as an industry remains on an upswing while breast procedures also remain on top spot with respect to the number of operations performed last year.

Needless to say, breastlift is one of the popular forms of breast surgical procedures today. Breastlift or mastopexy is performed to correct the shape and position of breasts, especially after pregnancy or massive weight reduction. It is also intended to reshape drooping or downward-pointing breasts, as well as uneven nipples. Ultimately, the surgery is aimed to perk up breasts so that they appear vigorous and more harmonized with the overall body contour.

If you are resolved to undergo a breastlift surgery, you should secure the service of an experienced and reputable plastic surgeon, like Dr. Peter A. Vogt. The Wayzata Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon will carefully evaluate whether or not you are eligible to have breastlift procedure. Dr. Vogt will discuss to you the intended benefits and potential complications, as well as the recovery steps necessary after the surgery. You can also ask all questions you have during consultation. But before going that far, you should take note what to expect during the most important moment of your mastopexy journey – the day of surgery itself.

The Breastlift Surgery Day will take around five hours. In the preoperative phase, you will be met by Dr. Vogt together with a nurse to ensure that all your questions are answered before actual surgery is started. It will also be the last opportunity to confirm or re-size the selection of implants if necessary, that is, if implants are originally planned to be incorporated in your breast lift procedure. Typically performed using general anesthesia (unless your specific condition necessitates otherwise), you will fall asleep and not feel anything during the entire operation.

It is highly advisable that you bring along a responsible adult who will assist and perhaps drive you home after surgery. You are not recommended to attempt driving immediately after surgery. As breast lift is normally an outpatient procedure, you don’t have to stay overnight. But you have the option, which choice is made during consultation, to stay at a nearby aftercare facility with a duty-nurse at your preference.

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Forehead Lift Surgery: Doing It Right in Minneapolis

If there’s just one single human development to thank for in terms of having advanced, safer, and more efficient surgical procedures today, it should be technological innovation. Technological advances have definitely assisted the field of surgery in achieving skin and body rejuvenations for a lot of people. One of the positive domino effects by technology and surgery combo upsurge is the specialization of minimally invasive surgeries. Such is the case with forehead lift or brow lift surgery.

Forehead Lift Surgery is intended to rejuvenate the unsightly skin problems found in the forehead area, such as deep furrows and lines and loose eyelid tissues and sagging upper brows. All of these ugly skin manifestations can in turn make you look tired, angry, and older. The brow lift is indeed a specialized procedure intended to fix your upper brows in order to make you feel and look more refreshed and younger. However, in some cases, brow lift is better off combined with other procedures like blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery for more comprehensive aesthetic results.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter Vogt believes in the principle that customization is an essential requite to achieving excellent cosmetic surgery results. Thus for Dr. Vogt, you as a patient should be thoroughly examined first, and given ample opportunity to discuss with him regarding the intended surgery and its recovery period. The Minneapolis Surgeon and his staff will answer all your questions and concerns before any surgery is performed. This may sound like a simple thing but it can really provide a huge difference in the proper administration of a brow lift surgery.

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Lip Enlargement Minneapolis: Your 5 Ways to Desirable Lips

Whether you are a celebrity or not, having full lips is in. The preference for full lips over thin lips is quite a phenomenon and requires extensive socio-cultural studies to get to the bottom as to why it is so. But to assert that the beautiful Hollywood stars (to name a few, think Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba) may have some influence to it may not be far-fetched. And rightly so, with the advances in cosmetic technology today, you don’t really have to be an actress to own a pair of full and luscious lips.

Expert Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter A. Vogt understands too well that the catch to having full lips is to make them as natural looking as possible. This is why your facial contour and specific goals will be taken into consideration before Dr. Vogt and his highly trained staff will customize an aesthetic plan for your lips. Moreover, the Minneapolis Surgeon believes that there are pros and cons to every lip enhancing procedure – thus it is your final decision as to the one you are most comfortable and confident with.

At Dr. Vogt’s Wayzata Plastic Surgery Center in Minneapolis, you have five options to achieve your desired full lips. These Lip Enlargement Minneapolis techniques are: Collagen Injections, Hylaform or Restalyn, Radiesse, Fat Grafting, and Dermal Fat Grafts. These lip procedures and treatments are proven safe, fast acting, and some are more permanent in effect. Dr. Vogt and his friendly staff will, of course, discuss with you all the lip enhancing techniques, as well as explain your suitability to a specific technique.

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Dr. Vogt’s Minneapolis Nose Surgery: Begin Real Transformation

Most people are sensitive with the look and shape of their nose. This is because the nose is perhaps the most visible feature of the face – especially in the sense that a lot of people readily make comments about another person’s nose. It is no surprise thus that rhinoplasty (the medical term for nose surgery) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures today. If you are considering having a rhinoplasty, be careful and be wise with your choice of surgeon to perform it.

Dr. Peter A. Vogt is one of the few plastic surgeons who can claim expertise in nose surgeries and actually mean it. With over 30 years as a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, he has performed more than a thousand corrective rhinoplasty surgeries with very high patient satisfaction rate. Dr. Vogt undertakes nasal surgeries to correct nose deformities due to birth defects and injuries (trauma). More commonly, he performs Minneapolis Nose Surgery to achieve a patient’s particular aesthetic aspirations. Dr. Vogt indeed offers his surgical prowess to improve different types of nose deformities from wide bridged noses to droopy noses.

For better overview of his rhinoplasty performance, take a look at photos of Dr. Vogt’s past patients here.

One of the key elements in Dr. Vogt’s nose surgery operation is that he utilizes computer imaging to assist him in understanding the appropriate corrections and to provide each patient an overview what to expect post rhinoplasty operation. Once deemed suitable to undergo nose surgery, you will be subjected with general anesthesia during the operation. And like any surgery, you should be willing and ready to sacrifice a few weeks of minimal activity after undergoing the surgery in order to avoid complications and hasten full recovery as soon as possible. By then, you can begin your real transformation with a much better-looking nose.

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